It’s amazing.

Every time I eat crap, I begin to feel like crap.  There’s a correlation there somewhere, I’m sure of it…

Seriously.  I ate myself right into an EBV hole – during the exact two weeks I was unable to get my B12 injections – and now I’m slowly digging myself back out.  Three days of absolutely no training does not sit well with this mama.  Nor does it sit well with the rest of the family or anyone who comes in contact with me.

I get a tad cranky without my regular endorphin fix.  Here’s me with endorphins:


And here’s me without endorphins:


Luckily, I found both the required energy and the time to work out today.  I murdered P90X Legs and Back and followed it with a short incline run on the old treadmill.  I am now on an even keel and back on the proverbial track.

Still, the downtime forced me (again) to realize that I may not be able to do all the workouts I would like to do when I want to do them.  So I took a deep breath and said buh-bye to my strict training schedule (again) and have determined to simply “go with it.”

“It” would be a day-to-day assessment of how strong/energetic/healthy I am feeling and planning my exercise choices around that.  What a wacked out idea, right?!?  Listen to my body and do what feels good…Hmmmm…Where have I heard that before?

Yeah, yeah.  I know.  I’m eating my own words (fortunately, they’re Paleo).  But this time – this time – I have a sense of actual…we’ll call it “enlightenment.”  Like that switch finally flipped and I actually get it.  Like I’m going to stop worrying about time at events and have just plain FUN at events.  After all, we are all aware that I will never be what anyone would label an elite athlete.  So my times don’t actually matter.  The experience does.

Does that mean I won’t hoot and holler if I get another PR?  Hell NO.  I will brag it right up the way I always do, for weeks on end, on all forms of social media.  But I won’t berate myself for not completing every training run, lifting session, or P90X/yoga/WOD that’s out there.  I’m still pretty kickass, just not an idiot (well, mostly not).

Today I chose legs because I love to work my legs.  I chose a run because I love running.  I don’t know what I will choose tomorrow yet, but I’ve been leaning towards TurboFire and yoga.  Maybe one, maybe both.  My body hasn’t let me know yet.

And I’m pretty much ok with that.


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