The Edge

If karma takes too long, go for a run.

Sometimes I run to feel the quiet blissful zen wash over me, to feel the world around me grow softer, easier, more loving.

And then other times, I run because if I didn’t, I would strangle people.

I use the generic term “people” when what I really want to use are specific names and lists of their various offenses on my sensibilities and sanity.  But I am striving for good karma and a harmonious life.

So I only imagine all the different ways I could exact the perfect revenge.  It’s an art form, really.

But I digress.

Exercise in any form is an outlet for me.  If I’m feeling good, it makes me feel great.  Weak becomes powerful; lost becomes focused; rattled becomes calm; angry becomes…less angry.  Some things require a marathon.

Regardless of the reason I’m working out, the result is always beneficial.  I’m still working toward goals I have set for myself.  I’m still attaining higher levels of fitness and increasing my strength and endurance.  This is all very good stuff.

And I also don’t go to prison on assault charges.  That’s good stuff too.

Every now and then, I think we all need that sort of workout.  The sort that makes us push harder, lift heavier, run faster.  The sort of workout with an extra edge that makes you reach for that next level and makes you greater than you were just yesterday.  The sort of workout fueled by Rage Against The Machine instead of Britney Spears.

Vent over.  It’s time for me to find my sneakers and lifting gloves.



2 thoughts on “The Edge

  1. I’m so glad I visited here today. Thanks for saying the words I am feeling right now trying to deal with family stuff and wanting to do serious bodily harm to some. The weight lifting and running do help and I’m thankful I stated doing both several years ago at the ripe “old age” of 72. Saves tons of money running to the doctor for pills to deal with the stress and physical complaints. I end up with a healthy body and happy mind. Love your site.

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