Back In Business

Whew.  It’s pretty dusty in here.

Those last few weeks of summer saw me outside soaking up the last of the vacation sunshine like I needed it to live (really, I just needed it to stay remotely sane as the sibling bickering reached the most impressive levels I have witnessed to date).  I can’t even come up with a good “I was busy” excuse.  Because, quite simply, I wasn’t.

I enjoyed late-morning snuggles in bed, lazy afternoons at the pool, and late nights filled with popcorn and Buffy marathons.  Those were seriously precious moments with my kids.  I simply didn’t want to take the time to write here or, frankly, work out.  I did smidgens of stuff here and there, when I felt like it.  But if I didn’t feel like it, I just didn’t do it.  I think I needed that.  I needed to just chillax and focus on the slowness of summer.

Now school’s back in session.  My schedule has returned to its predictable normalcy.  I am once again kicking ass with TurboFire and weight training as I get back on the training road.  Hubby has agreed to run his first half marathon with me – in Arizona.  At the Grand Canyon.  Without the kids.  It’s like a vacation/second honeymoon/race all in ONE.  And I get to run it with my Pittsburgh marathon running buddies.  So add “reunion” to that list as well.

The funny thing about this whole “summer’s over, fall is here” deal?  I’m leaning out and toning up like nobody’s business.  Without a solid workout plan, doing what I felt like whenever I felt like it – that stuff doesn’t exactly build the muscle or whittle the middle.  Nor does it increase endurance or boost cardio levels.  I’m gonna be honest here: I am workin’ up a serious sweat just running 5k at this point.  Which feels odd and unsettling.  I’ll get my distance back up.  In the meantime, I am bustin’ my ass with Chalene, liftin’ my ass with the SweatItOut Squat Circuit Challenge, and stretchin’ my ass with the Yoga Challenge.  Add in runs on off days and lifting four days a week and you’ve got yourself a pretty packed workout schedule.  Sounds tougher than it is.  Or maybe I’m just tougher than I thought.

Let’s go with the latter.



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