On A Break

This is the kind of day I’m having so far:

My blender was among the dirty dishes in the dishwasher this morning, as was my coffee pot.  As the day could not commence sans coffee, I lazily swirled some water in the pot and started brewing.  As I had not had coffee yet, I did not wash the blender.  Instead, I plopped two frozen waffles into the toaster and then I ate them covered in store-bought non-100%-maple syrup.

For snack, I had black coffee and a banana.

For lunch, I ate the leftover farm-fresh sugar snap peas and the boxed macaroni and cheese leftovers.  (It was Annie’s parmesan.  Does that make it at all better?)

Right now, I am drinking my third bottle of water and waiting for the boxed brownie mix to finish baking.

As soon as the toddler falls asleep, I’m hitting the treadmill for a 3-mile run then working my shoulders and abs.

So what’s my grade?  Did I pass the health-nut-Paleo-whole-foods-fitness-queen test?  Let’s go with a “no” on that one.  Am I content and happy and healthy regardless?  Totally.

I think it’s pretty evident I’m working in slow motion today (we’ve all got that change-of-season “thing”) and that I’m grabbing on the go vs. preparing (aside from the slight mixing of brownie batter).  My run will likely be slow and easy, my lifting relatively light.  I downright refuse to stress over it.

I feel good overall.  I am still strong and healthy and active and fit.  I’ve been in a coasting phase and am slowly working my way back to the fast lane.  The training program is once again in place (half marathon + strength training + yoga) and the food, usually, is on target 99% of the time.  One day, while it may result in a bellyache later, isn’t gonna steal my previous dedication and hardwork completely.

We can’t overpressure ourselves into perfection.  Setting goals is important.  And certainly make ’em BIG.  Make ’em BOLD.  Make ’em AMAZING.  Plan your steps to get there and then take all those steps.

But if you sometimes slide…if you sometimes have a day where you’re all too human…that’s okay, too. It’s good.  And sometimes…that means sometimes.  Breaks are only breaks if they happen here and there.  Too many breaks turn into a lifestyle.


And while I have no intention of this becoming a pattern or a lifestyle, my oven is beeping now and my brownies are done.  I’m going to eat one of them with a spoon while it’s still too warm to cut properly with a knife.



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