Feeling Challenged?


Forget New Year’s.  I’ll take the fresh clean start of Fall over that drunken mid-winter holiday.

Perhaps it’s because I have the maturity level of a 13-year-old boy, but the back-to-school season remains my reset time of year.  The change of season makes me feel all clean slatey and ready for new goals and projects.  I feel productive.  I feel energized.  I feel focused.  And this year, I’m bringin’ all ya’ll with me.

I have great visions of active participants in challenge groups.  There shall be much recipe sharing, giving of encouragement, and all-around positive feelings.  We will end our time together feeling stronger and more able to cope with that sneaky box of chocolate fudge PopTarts lurking in the pantry.  (Just me? Whatever.)  I have even bigger dreams of Hubby taking to the road to train for the Grand Canyon Half Marathon because he signed up to run it with me.  (Nagging him? I would never…)

I have personal goals for that same race.  I am in my second week of my training schedule (running, lifting, yoga) and daydreaming of weighted vests and mouth guards to further challenge my body.  Also, it’s nearing birthday time.  Ahem.

The challenges, should you be interested, are as follows:

1. DanceItOut: Centered on the Shaun T Dance Challenge Pack that can be ordered from my website, this is for beginner to intermediate fitness enthusiasts.  It will follow the nutritional guidelines that come with the two programs and require all participants to drink one Shakeology shake a day (included with the challenge pack purchase).  I will also post daily challenges to keep the motivation flowin’.




2. GrokItOut: This group will focus on living the Primal Lifestyle and eating a Paleo diet.  Beginners are free to join, but be forewarned: newcomers to Paleo may find the menu restrictive at first.  For this one, I will create shopping lists and menus for each week, although participants are free to follow their own menus so long as they maintain the Paleo guidelines.  This group will also get daily challenges so they stay on their toes.


3. The PushUp Challenge on SweatItOut: All ya gotta do with this one is follow along.  I will post the schedule and daily reminders – and you’ll do the work.

4. The SweatItOut Photo Challenge: I will post a schedule of various photos to take each day – all fitness related – and you will post them on our Facebook wall.  The picture with the most likes will receive a SweatItOut prize pack replete with goodies selected by yours truly.

So if you’re also feelin’ like a fresh start is in order, email me at queenie3431@hotmail.com with the subject line “October Challenges” and let me know which group you’d like to join.  And make sure you visit our Facebook page and show us some “like” so you can add in the pushup and photo fun.

Incidentally, PopTarts will not be permitted in any challenge group… Just in case you were wondering.


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