Ain’t Nothin’ Gonna Break My Stride

You know what wears me out more than EBV?  The “you don’t look sick” mentality of those that – although well aware that I both have the virus and am experiencing a flare up – expect me to be inherently active at all times.

It was insinuated this weekend that I am lazy in the following areas: motherhood; wedding guest; fitness motivator.  The irony of the situation was that I actually felt better this weekend than I had the week prior.  So much better, in fact, that I assisted with clean up, held actual coherent and clever conversations, made pumpkin deliveries, and cheered on each and every football team.  Here I was, feeling fine and happy, enjoying family time…only to find that it’s still not considered “enough.”

It has also been suggested that because I enjoyed very non-Paleo food that I am a hypocrite and on my way to becoming “fat.”  That perhaps I ought not post nutritional advice or healthy recipes on SweatItOut because I snacked on some Chicken In A Biscuit crackers.  So let’s clarify, once again, an oft-forgotten fact: I am indeed human.  Let’s clarify, once again, that one of my favorite phrases is that I am “100% Paleo 80% of the time.”  I would also like to suggest, in all kindness and sincerity, that if you choose to berate me, you have actual facts in your arsenal.  Because it has always been my intention to be forthright in both my blog posts and updates, I feel the majority of my followers understand that I am not, in point of fact, perfect and that I quite enjoy the occasional cookie.  I would also like to add that I do so without guilt.

As for the implication that I will gain weight or that my body will morph because I “cheated…”  Well, that just can’t happen.  One – or three – meals will not alter my body or my body image.  I find that those most worried about my food intake are those that most truly need to shift focus to their own.  Your unhappiness with your current state will not be lifted through caustic statements about my body.  Try instead finding your own fitness path and sticking to it.  (Hint: it should not include a focus on anyone other than yourself.)

And to further address the “you don’t look sick” refrain…Thank you.  I am glad that I continue to maintain a healthy appearance; that my fatigue doesn’t show on my face; that my weakness doesn’t steal my muscle tone; that the pervasive nausea doesn’t bestow a greenish tint to my skin.  I am quite pleased that my gorgeousness radiates through the EBV haze.  (You can call me conceited now, if you’d like.  And that’s okay, too.  It won’t rock my crown in the least bit.)


After all that, I just want to state that I am indeed truly blessed.  For my Hubby, who understands and “gets it” without me having to explain.  For my children, who actually can look at me and see when I am sick and respond with such love and caring that it’s obvious they are not products of an uninvolved mother.  For friends and followers who offer words of encouragement and caring and empathy.  All in all, I am one incredibly lucky gal and grateful for those in my life that offer support and love, unasked.

Happy Monday, ya’ll.  Rock on.


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