I’ve been reading so many posts and updates and tweets about freakin’ Maria Kang that I am finally breaking down and doing my own.  To be sure, most of what I’m going to say has probably already been said 80,000 times, but since I like the way I say things better, I’m going to continue with my own opinions.

First off – good on ya, Maria Kang.  You’re hawt.  You have three gorgeous little kiddos and you’re setting a wonderful “fitness is a priority” example.  I applaud that.  I aim for it myself.  Now, I don’t know you, but I like to think you posted this photo as a motivational tool for those of us who enjoy the sort of in-your-face fitness memes with a slight Mean Girls tone.  I really do find those things motivational.  I’ve written about it in a previous post.  So when I saw your pic, I thought, “Hey.  She’s right.  No excuses.  Time for a run.”  You got me off my lazy butt on a day I just didn’t feel like it.  Thank you, Maria Kang.

Second – good on ya, all those posting about positive body image.  You’re hawt.  You are setting a wonderful “loving yourself is a priority” example.  I applaud that.  I aim for it myself.  Now, I don’t know you, but I like to think you posted those blogs as a supportive tool for those of us who enjoy the sort of you-rock-just-the-way-you-are fitness posts with a heavy sisterhood tone.  I really do find those things supportive.  I’ve written about it in previous posts.  So when I read your blog, I thought, “Hey.  She’s right.  I love me and I do rock.  Time for a pat on the back.”  You got me appreciating my awesomeness on a day I just wasn’t feelin’ it.  Thank you, various bloggers.

Here’s the deal: if you’re angered by Maria Kang’s photo, that has more to do with you than with Maria Kang.  And you’re wasting all that energy over someone else instead of using it make your day better.  Also, you’re wasting it on someone who really hasn’t done much to deserve it.  Use that anger to change something that actually matters.  Fight against childhood obesity, inequality, world hunger.  Rail against animal abuse, domestic abuse, child abuse.  There are real and true causes out there that are truly deserving of your outrage and energy.  One mom’s photo kinda seems less important and more on par with Miley twerking.

You know what else?  I bet that Maria Kang doesn’t even look like Maria Kang all the time.  She was ready for a photo shoot that day, but I’d wager that sometimes she gets crapped/peed/snotted on, loses her patience, gets tangled hair, and just downright wishes she could lay facedown in a chocolate cake with peanut-butter-and-French-fry icing instead of lifting yet another weight.  Her point, I’m guessing, is that even when she has those days, she puts in the work anyhow.  That’s pretty cool.  It’s a goal of mine, too.  I don’t always meet it, but it’s there and I am motivated by others that get it done.

Here’s my other thought: we all have something that makes us amazing in our own way.  I don’t have Maria Kang’s abs, to be sure.  But neither do I have Martha Stewart’s craftiness or that Pinterest Mom’s organizational skills.  I do, however, have witty remarks, heaps of compassion, and a deep love of setting and reaching goals.  You have your own thing(s) too.  If someone posted a photo of their lovely hand-stitched wedding gown or perfectly organized closet with the caption “What’s your excuse?” would you be offended?  And why?

I think you ought to love yourself enough to make fitness and good health a top priority.  I also think the end result of those ideals look different on everyone.  I think exercise should be an activity you love and enjoy, that you should eat foods that taste good and fuel you, that the image you see in the mirror is an image that makes you proud.  I think you’re hawt.  I think I’m hawt.  Knowing you’re gorgeous and beautiful and amazing doesn’t make you conceited.  For the record, letting others know that you’re gorgeous and beautiful and amazing doesn’t make you conceited either.  It’s called confidence and it’s highly attractive.  Get some.  Spread it around to those that don’t have it.  There’s plenty for everyone.



2 thoughts on “Hawtness

  1. Loved this! I was not offended by this either (rather inspired) and you did a great job of reconciling both sides. Well said!

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