NO-vember? MOVEmber!

For the record, I’m all about NOvember: NO excuses, NO can’ts, NO quitting…you get the idea.  That’s awesomesauce.  But in the interest of my new philosophy (positivity! I’m so original!), I’m hosting MOVEmber all month long at SweatItOut.  Now, I have total faith in your powers of deduction, but lemme splain.

MOVEmber is all about…wait for it…moving.  Get that booty in gear.  Make those muscles warm when it’s chilly.  Stand up when you’d rather sit down.  In the interest of MOVEmber, the following challenges are happening: PicItOut, PlankItOut, Run/StretchItOut.  Here are the nitty gritty details so you can jump in and catch up.

PicItOut: Take a photo a day according to the challenge photo (although I have decided that “pounds I will lose” shall instead be “awesomeness I will gain”) and post it on the SweatItOut timeline.  Once posted there, share it with your Facebook friends and announce to them all that you’ve entered the SweatItOut PicItOut Photo Contest.  How do you win?  The photo with the most likes by 11/30 wins a Shakeology prize pack from yours truly.  Start snappin’!


Here are my entries so far:

Day 1: Before.  Note: I am not a fashion maven.
Day 1: Before. Note: I am not a fashion maven.
Day 2: Healthy Lunch And/or Dinner Note: Hubby made it.
Day 2: Healthy Lunch And/or Dinner
Note: Hubby made it.
Day 3: Today's Workout
Day 3: Today’s Workout
Note: I am not a speed demon.

PlankItOut: We’re doing a daily plank challenge.  Pretty simple…until you start planking.  But think of the strong cores we’ll have at the end of the month!  Here’s the schedule:


Of course, I want to be certain everyone is using proper form: butt down, abs in, shoulders in line with elbows in line with wrists.  Your body should be a series of nice straight lines and right angles.  For those making their first steps on their fitness journey, you can start with knees on the floor, gradually going to one knee and then just toes.

Here’s my plank:

That white dot on my hip? Yeah. I put my pants on inside out. Discovered part way through my run.

Now Run/StretchItOut is posted daily.  Day 1 was rest.  I bet you’re all caught up on Day 1, right?  Days 2 and 3 were 1 mile and 20 minutes of yoga.  Day four is 20 minutes of yoga.  If you’re new to running, I suggest walk/run intervals or checking out the C25k app to help you get started.  If you’re new to yoga, I suggest checking out myyogaonline and its wealth of videos ranging from novice to advanced.  My goal with this challenge is to share my love of running and yoga in the hopes that others may experience the zen I feel.

For a brief glimpse into why I love running, and why I especially love running now, check out these photos from my outdoor run and walk this weekend:


So there you have it.  MOVEmber.  Join us.  Find your strength and zen and maybe win some stuff.  What have ya got to lose?



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