Model Example

Move over, Maria Kang.  There’s a new model in the spotlight: Robyn Lawley.  And she is also HAWT.  I mean, drool-worthy, sexpot kinda HAWT.  Just look:

robynlawleyThat’s from her Cosmo bikini shoot.  As a plus-sized model.

SCREEEEECH!  Beepbeepbeep.  Reverse.  (That’s me slamming on the brakes and backing up.)

Plus sized????  That’s the wonderment that’s got the media and Facebook and Twitter all abuzz.  How could a woman this gorgeous be plus sized?

First off, we’re talking modeling industry plus sized.  Even fitness industry plus sized.  We are not talking real world, walking-through-Wegmans-trying-not-to-scream-at-the-children plus sized (it’s just one example…).  She looks healthy, fit, toned, and downright sexy.  She’s a throwback to other such hawt women as Marilyn, Sophia, and Lana.  (If you need last names, well…start googling.)  She also is one heck of an advertisement because I’m pretty sure a good portion of the ladies perusing Cosmo will think to themselves 1. She’s hawt. and then 2. I could wear those bathing suits.  And we all know “I could wear those bathing suits” translates into “I must buy those bathing suits immediately.” (Psst…you can do that here.)

So there’s my first impression.  Now here’s what happened when I thought some more: why is everyone so shocked that a plus sized woman (again, not my label, but convenient because we all understand it) is beautiful and sexy?  Don’t we see beautiful, sexy plus sized women every single day?  Personally, we do not have lovely, ethereal waifs drifting about in rural Pennsylvania.  I think those women are confined to French films and Vogue.  Our women are more the strong outdoorsy sort.  And somehow, they manage to be attractive…hmmm…

Look, he’s blushing. *sigh*

And let me take it one level deeper.  What if – and hold on to your hats, folks – what if sexy and beauty were qualities that resulted out of more than our bodies and faces?  I myself have always found that intellect combined with humor were far more attractive than perfectly mussed hair or eight-pack abs (be they male or female).  While I can also appreciate those attributes (messy hair looks fun and relaxed – two of my favorite things – and defined abs require dedication and I like that too), it’s the smiles and the quick wit that get me every time.  Which is why Jon Stewart has always played a role in my steamiest of fantasies.

“Look! My crotch must be hot!”

All around, and back to that original point, I am loving the whole spread: the photos, the suits, the model.  It’s an enticing package, and an inspiring one too.  In my hopeful little heart I like to believe this is a brand new trend.  That we will begin seeing all sorts of shapes and variations of beautiful throughout our magazines.  That we will never again waste another moment worrying about a thigh gap (seriously???  Dumbest trend ever.  And that includes HyperColor.) or spend another moment calculating how many burpees we must do to burn off that cookie that we could have thoroughly enjoyed if only not for the admonishing look of the flat-bellied Vogue models.  Although, I have my doubts about their ability to do burpees.  But I digress.

Whatever your goals, this woman and this layout rock.  It’s further proof for us all (namely, those of us with vaginas) that our bodies are perfectly awesome regardless of shape.  We still must take care of them, mind you, because our bodies will not rock if they are tired and weak and unable to function.  But if you’re stuffing whole foods down your pie hole and sweatin’ it out several times a week – your body is PHENOMENAL.  This photo shoot is simply a reminder.


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