It’s A Running Thing. You Wouldn’t Understand.

Facebook got me thinking today.  Actual thoughts and stuff aside from following the usual soap operas (hey, they took Passions away from me.  Facebook is all I’ve got.) and the “are they really gonna eat that?”

First, I see lots of political postings.  Ranting and raving and insulting will get you one of these results: an argument, a defriending (I can’t even believe that’s a word), or a quick “hide all further posts from Nincompoop” (assuming that’s your given name).  I typically keep on going because, much like D.C., there is no middle ground on social media and everyone’s an expert.

Second, I see lots of photos of kids and pets.  I like these.  Kids and pets make me smile as they are often much funnier and cuter than their adult human counterparts.  Kids and pets = good stuff.

Then there are the inevitable workout posts.  Now I understand that to many, these posts are annoying and repetitive.  To those of us doing the posting, not so much.  Each “like” we garner or give is a little encouragement to keep up the bangin’ work.  You don’t like ’em?  Hide ’em.

I love stuff.

Today I read a post on a fellow runner’s page.  It is well written and pretty humorous and incredibly truthful.  But it didn’t sit well with the other runners following her post.  Here’s the link and here’s my summary: he thinks runners, on the whole, only run to get attention.  We buy our special shoes and pants and wear our race shirts for the sole reason of other people knowing we think we kick ass.

Just so everyone's aware.
Just so everyone’s aware.

Uh…duh.  Why does he write?  If only for himself, I wouldn’t have read that post.  I’m an introvert at heart, but I love me some recognition.  I drive a minivan covered in personalized magnets and stickers, so every sports car I pass knows I ran a marathon and Spartan Races and can still chauffeur the hell outta my football player/wrestler/cheerleader.  I have been perusing countless online stores searching for the perfect display case for my medals.  I share photo albums and training updates.  I set up a Facebook EVENT for my first marathon.

What’s wrong with that?  As far as I can tell, nothin’.  Mr. Grouchy Sit-Around likes attention too.  That’s why he wrote it.  In his much-less-physically-trained heart, he gets it.  Writers like to pretend we’re all morose and introspective and in all ways superior (I mean, some of us just are.  I can’t help it.  And please, if you didn’t catch the sarcasm, you need to read more of my stuff.), but deep down, we wanna wear special clothes and shoes and share portapotties on race days.

The other thing is – non-runners just don’t get it.  The same way I don’t get it because it’s a Jeep thing, and I drive that minivan.  We all talk about the stuff we like.  I bet Mr. Grouchy Sit-Around (his name is actually Chad Stafko, and that’s pretty much all I know about him.  But he sounds like a grouchy, sittin’ around kinda guy in his post.) likes to talk about his awesome writing skills and Oxford commas.  For the record, so do I.  I just haven’t found a bumper sticker for that yet.

Here's one!
Here’s one!

So here’s my theory: we’re all gonna keep yappin’ about whatever gets our juices flowin’.  You can either listen or hide all posts.  (Wouldn’t it be great if we could do that in real life sometimes?  Like when someone starts a convo with “Did you see the last Real Housewives of IDon’tCare?!”  And I could just wave my hand in front of their face and say, “Nu-uh.”)

Point: if ya don’t like it, look away.  There’s plenty of really cool stuff to look at no matter where you are.  Lots of deep breathing exercises to calm your ass down if someone running really gets you hot under the collar.  We aren’t going to stop running, talking about running, reading about running, or posting about running.  Know why?  We fuckin’ love running.

So there.

I Love Running


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