New Year, New Yaaawwwwn

The plush version of EBV looks cute.  I'd like to shred it.
The plush version of EBV looks cute. I’d like to shred it.

2014.  Just writing that instead of 2013 feels like an accomplishment this morning.  I write this from the sluggish throes of another flareup (turns out when my naturopath said my CEBV levels were high, she was right.  Go figure).

I had amazing motivational “It’s A New Year and Time For New Things!” phrases and paragraphs doing whirly dances in my brain the past few days.  They promised an outstanding post with all sorts of sentences that belong on fitness memes, gently humorous with just the right touch of wisdom.  And now here I sit, struggling to remember proper sentence structure and wondering if I have enough time for a nap.

I’m also wondering if I brought on the severity of this slump with non-Paleo food choices like mashed potatoes (I didn’t even contemplate the dairy aspect until it was too late) and popcorn.  I am well aware that Paleo is my ticket outta here and yet – I remain erringly human.  I take little dips here and little dips there and technically I remained gluten free (if not dairy free).

Here’s the other little nugget of truth: I haven’t worked out in over a week.  Too tired.  I have a 21-day yoga challenge that begins today and hope to find the energy to work through the first practice.  Because of course I know that physical activity actually helps me feel more energetic and not less.  And of course I know that yoga and Pilates and walking are absolutely perfect exercises for moments like these.

It’s just that I’m so tiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrreeeedddd.  (If you have a three-year-old, you know what that whine sounded like.)  So here’s where I must count on that motivational self buried deep under the comforters and pillows of CEBV.  She’s in there and she’s irritated.  She is not one for patient waiting; she’s more of a direct action kinda gal.  Luckily for me, she’s also the one controlling the food intake today and she’s totally ignoring those delectable leftover birthday cupcakes.



One thought on “New Year, New Yaaawwwwn

  1. Can I just say it’s super friggin hard to lose weight, on top of that we have the added pressure of making our long year struggle into a new years resolution. Kind of like renewing your vows to your body. I’ve been having a hard time since the new year visualizing a game plan to follow, you know spice up my dieting lifestyle. sometime i skim through inforgpahics for inspiration just to refocus and put into perspective my goals. How do you refocus your goals for the new year?

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