Don’t Read The Label

imagesI’ve been thinking a lot about labels lately.  Food labels.  The labels on my essential oils.  Clothing labels (the children insist upon growing).  The labels we give ourselves and others and vice versa.

Those are the ones that stick, after all.

In my life I have been labeled many things, but it’s the labels I’ve given myself that have truly affected me.  In the end, it is what I choose to believe about me – and what you choose to believe about you – that makes us what we are.

I choose to be: mother, wife, friend, daughter, sister, motivator, healer, dreamer, yogi, runner, Spartan, trainer, menu-planner, reader, author, blogger, entrepreneur, caretaker.  I choose to be: intelligent, caring, beautiful, focused, aware, loving, healthy, active, learning.

I reject all negative labeling.  Those that use it are unfamiliar with the woman I actually am and I do not have time for that sort of nonsense.  Who does?  In a world where everyone is “busy,” who has time for silly drama?  Not me.  Not you.

It’s not always easy to extricate ourselves.  Social media can be a serious Negative Nancy, only topped by news stories.  (Really, Arizona and Kansas????  Really???)  But extricate ourselves we must.  Myself, I retreat into my family, my books, my yoga, my meditation, running, training.  Plans for our future homestead.  Dreams of a Disney vacation.  Summer at the public pool with friends.  Peeing alone without anyone knocking on the door to find out where they’ve placed their Legos.

And I try to bring positive energy to the table.  Certainly, there is personal drama in my own life.  But it’s personal drama.  For me to deal with.  Know that if I share my troubles with you, you are a trusted soul indeed.  As interesting and humorous as my Facebook friends may be, I can’t say I trust each and every one of them.  So it’s all about the positivity, an attempt to change the energy of someone else’s day with a quote about happiness, or a smile at the crossing guard at school drop-off, or thanking my every-day-more-amazing daughter for all she does the make our household a positive one.

It’s a choice, being happy.  Some people either don’t care to make it or are unaware that it’s their choice to make.  They choose labels that are exclusionary and prefer to be known as right over kind.   If instead of assigning labels to others, we asked them about themselves, imagine what we’d learn.  My theory is this: if we’d all just treat each other as real actual people, rather than going by the labels that are given, we’d have a lot less worry and a lot more happy.

Our health would be more important than profit.  Our children’s knowledge would be worth more than test scores.  Basic human decency would trump concern over what everyone else is doing in their bedrooms.

If we all lived like Buddy, the world would be a better place.
If we all lived like Buddy, the world would be a better place.

But we won’t get there if we feed into the negative.  Hate breeds more hate.  Dark lends itself to dark.  Luckily, the same is true of love and light.  Shine that shit everywhere.  This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine, biznatch!  Be that annoying person with the nonstop smile.  Sing tra-la-la to the birds on your morning walk.  Wave to your neighbor.  Fart rainbows all damn day.

Let’s label all of us human.




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