Baby Steps

fitnessThere is a cruel irony to possessing a passion for health and fitness while dealing with CEBV.  I spent a fair amount of my morning meandering through the Pilates Anytime website, searching for mat workouts, knowing the chance of actually doing one was a long shot.  I found one that really appeals to me and is, in fact, open in another tab while I type this.  Just in case.

I am definitely feeling this flare.  My emotions are up and down and side-to-side while my energy is simply down.  My brain fog is so thick it could serve as a backdrop for a suspenseful scene in a horror flick.  Only the creature wouldn’t be some swift killer; it would be one of those slow, heavy walkers that rounds the corner just when you think  you’ve escaped.  Over and over and over again.

Yet I continue to look for new yoga routines, challenging (enough) Pilates workouts, different plans of attack on the nutrition and supplement front.  The fight is still in me, slow though it may be.  My naturopath warned me it could take up to a year before the flares start spreading themselves out and shortening their stay.  The key is to deal with each accordingly: stick to the protocol and rest.  Stay calm and reduce stress (I’m about to go on oooommmm overload looking for a way to do that).  Learn to delegate and ask for help (difficult enough as a Type A and doubly difficult for an introvert).

So while I can offer great advice on distance running, I can’t be your running buddy.  While I will urge you to push through that wall and eke out one more rep, I must urge myself to lie down.  It’s not as easy as it sounds.  I would much rather be sweatin’ and runnin’ and liftin’ and bustin’ through the intense workouts I love.  I’d much prefer blasting through the myriad projects I’ve been pinning to make our house a home.

Balance is a learned attribute.  No matter what your life situation, we all require balance.  Turns out, my balance requires more rest than I like.  Know that when you comment on the nightly ROLL CALL posts on SweatItOut, I’m a little jealous.  Because your body did that.  And I want mine to do that.  So be grateful for your strength and your endurance.  Believe me, I am so grateful for the days I roll out my mat and actually use it.  For the days I lace up my sneakers and take a jaunt around the back fields with the pups and the kids.  I will be enormously grateful a year from now that I didn’t eat the half of an apple pie sitting on my kitchen counter today, but rather stuck to my plan so my body could continue to heal.

I remain a firm believer in the medicinal power of food, a natural approach to health, and the mental/physical benefits from a good solid workout.  These are the things that will heal me, given time.  These are the things that will heal you as well.

These are the basic thoughts and reasonings behind my new Baby Steppers Challenge Group.  Easing back while building up, taking things one step at a time to reach maximum potential.  Our group will focus mainly on Pilates and yoga as we prep for the release of PiYo, but we’ll be dabbling in Ayurveda and simple nutrition as well.  If you’d like to join us, email me at with the subject line “Baby Steppers.”



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