Legend…Hold the Dairy…

I talk a LOT about the exercise side of fitness.  It’s my love, my passion, my addiction.  And yes, it gets me results.  It makes me stronger, faster, leaner…more irresistible.  Plus, it’s fun.  I get to kick, punch, run, dance…and I typically only have to do so for one to two hours a day.  Which, I feel, is pretty easy.  The nutrition side of fitness…that side which glowers upon regular chocolate cake consumption and does not condone a daily intake of Funyuns…that is not so fun.  And, until recently, it was not even remotely easy for me.  Good thing I like challenges and being told it can’t be done.

I was never what anyone would label “a healthy eater.”  I was more likely to fall under the category of “eternal grazer” or “garbage disposal.”  I ate massive amounts of food in single sittings with constant snacking energizing me between meals.  And I ate things like Weis dessert bowls (frequently enough that my coworkers began calling them “Jen Bowls”); king size Snickers bars; 20-piece McNuggets with three different sauces so my delicate pallette would not get bored.  We frequented the diner down the street so often that we had our own booth and the waitresses knew our “usuals.” 

Then I started TurboFire and started dropping pounds and inches.  I was, to put it mildly, quite pleased.  I continued to drop when I picked up running, and I started gaining muscle when I began using ChaLEAN Extreme.  But that mid-section still looked suspiciously poochy, as though it might be carrying something.  And it was.  It was carrying Big Macs, taco pizza, everything fries, and too many desserts to name (but all containing chocolate).  I took a moment to be frustrated, to feel depressed, to pout and whine and stomp my feet regarding the unfairness of it all.  Then I turned to my favorite place for change: Beachbody. 

I wanted more results and I wanted them faster.  I ordered HipHop Abs, E&E Formula, and my first round of Shakeology.  I signed up for my personalized meal plan and started using myfitnesspal again.  I returned to Body Confidence by Mark McDonald. Things began happening. 

First, I fell in lust with Shaun T and in love with E&E.  Then I made a lifelong commitment to Shakeology, which led to a lifelong commitment to (mostly) clean eating.  Because here’s the thing: I have that shake in the morning, and I find it ridiculously easy to maintain healthy eating for the remainder of the day.  My body gets what it needs, so minimal (if any) cravings follow.  For a girl that used to hide candy bars in the freezer so my kids wouldn’t get them, who used to stock an entire file drawer at my desk with snacks ranging from funsize chocolate bars to entire boxes of cereal…that’s kind of a big deal. 

Now here came the most kickass part of all the kickass-edness (yes, it’s a word!): I had ab muscles under that pooch! And a waistline!  For the first time since junior high, I saw flat abs in my future.  I don’t even have to flex.  They just pop out.  It’s like every day, I’m more awesome.  It’s hard to believe, right?  How does one so awesome continually find more room for awesome?  Barney Stinson ain’t got nothin’ on this girl.  Legend…

Speaking of dairy…Yeah.  I don’t do that anymore, either.  At least, the occasions are few and far between.  I originally cut it out as part of the Body Confidence jump start plan, but found that not only did I not miss it, I felt better overall.  And after being dairy free for a few weeks, when I had a small glass of milk…Let’s just say, things weren’t the same between me and the white stuff anymore.  Which just makes decisions that much easier still.  Again with the awesome.

And again, my point behind all this rambling is THIS: if I, the bacon-loving, chocolate-cake-shoveling, fried-cheese-inhaling garbage disposal and former champion of all encased meats, can not only change my diet and garner control over my eating but am actually SATISFIED with my current intake…then so can you.  I don’t wanna hear crap about healthy foods being too expensive.  I don’t wanna hear “but my kids won’t eat that.”  I especially don’t wanna hear “but that’s too difficult.”  I will slap that french fry right outta your mouth. 

Fact: eating right will extend your life.  It will extend your children’s lives.  Less sickness equals less prescriptions and less trips to the doctor.  Fact: your kids will eat what you provide.  You’re the parent and you make the rules.  When my children complain, I make them this deal: get a job, do the shopping, prepare the meals.  Then we can have cheeseburgers and potato chips every night.  Guess what?  We’re still eating organic veggies and grilled fish or chicken.  Fact: the more you do it, the easier it gets.  The only difficult part is the first two or three weeks.  Once those devil toxins are cast from your body, you will crave things like cantaloupe and mixed greens and water.  And then I won’t have to keep slapping you.  Which is nice for both of us.

And now that I have finished my Dwight Shrute-like diatribe, I’m going to go sip my green tea, read a little Mama Llama with the babe before he naps…and then I’m gonna rip into HIIT 15 and some ab work.  Because Shakeology gave me the energy to do so.


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