The Word of the Year

The word of the year seems to be “motivation.”  Who has it, who doesn’t.  Who needs it, lost it, harnessed it, found it.  Without it, your ass is glued to the couch, the bed, the chair.  With it, your ass is shakin’ to the beat of life.  So what’s the secret, you ask?  How do I get me some of that, you wonder?  Well, come here…lean in close…

…I don’t know.

Because it’s different for everyone.  What worked for me may not work for you.  That doesn’t mean I’m not going to go on and on and on about what worked for me.  Trust me, I will be babbling about what worked for me long after the cows come home from wherever they’ve been (and seriously, why are those cows always leaving home and where exactly are they going? Party animals.).  But you need to figure out what motivates you.  And, in my own personal experience, I find there are different sorts of motivation I require at different times.  So…I am, once again, about to extoll the virtues of what motivates me and how and when.  (That is why you stopped by, isn’t it?)

Motivation Sort #1: What Gets Me Off My Inert Ass.  Before the sweating even starts, there’s the battle of simply starting.  Which often times is the biggest battle of all.  Whether you’re slidin’ outta bed before the rooster even consideres crowing (hey, I live in rural PA.  Deal with the farm imagery.) or your workouts have to wait until…well, until the owls start hooting (sorry)…it’s often that simple decision of lacing up your shoes, shrugging into that sports bra, pulling on those shorts.  There are different things that get my blood pumping.  Sometimes, the thought of the workout itself is enough.  I love flexing my new muscles and pushing my lungs to capacity…most of the time.  But – and I’m about to spill something top secret here – I’m HUMAN.  No, seriously.  There are moments when even I, the SweatItOut Queen, do not care to sweat it out at all.  I can blame fatigue, boredom, anemia, injury.  The fact is, when I don’t wanna, it’s mostly just that I don’t wanna. 

That’s when I gotta pull out the big guns.  (That’s imagery that goes along with rural PA as well.)  See, now my hobby is my business.  Those five extra pounds could be five less orders, five less clients.  This often keeps me in line late at night when the rest of my household companions are snoring peacefully (and quite loudly, thus my wakefulness) and I find my tastebuds hankering for something coated in either chocolate or breading.  Anyway – I digress.  I am motivated by my strong desire for my business to succeed.  There’s one way to get my rear in gear.

Other ways include sipping on E&E Formula (takes me from negative energy to SURPLUS ENTHUSIASM in ten minutes or less), watching Insanity or TurboFire infomercials, perusing Pinterest for motivational pictures of fit bodies.  Anything to remind me of how I’m gonna feel when I’m all done.  Which is not guilty, not regretful, not tired.  Sweat instills the exact opposite of those feelings in me. 

So I got started.  What more does one need, you may ask.  Let me tell you!  You need Motivation Sort #2: What Keeps My Ass Moving.  Because sometimes, you may have the get-up-n-go to start but not the drive to finish.  Some workouts just plain BITE IT. You know the ones.  The programs you started with the best of intentions and the highest levels of excitement only to shove them guiltily into a darkened corner so as not to be reminded of their existence.  For me, it was spinning.  Now, I have friends who ADORE spinning and I am incredibly happy they have discovered their soul mate workout.  I bought my padded shorts.  I shuffled into class faithfully…for about three weeks.  Not for me.  Turns out MY soul mate workout was TurboFire (I may have mentioned this once or twice).  I find Chalene Johnson to be highly motivating at EXACTLY the points I require her to be so.  When she yells, “YOU’RE NOT TIRED!” at the moment I am ready to toss my weighted gloves aside…well…I find I am NOT TIRED.  I believe her.  And that little mantra, in her voice, clicks in my head during some hard runs as well.  So to sum up this point: FIND YOUR SOULMATE WORKOUT.  Not only will it resolve Sort #2, it may even resolve Sort #1.

And then, of course, there is Motivation Sort #3: What Makes Me Do It Again.  And Again.  And Again.  And…well, you get the picture.  If my soul mate workout begins to feel stagnant (which can happen from time to time; thankfully, we always reconnect enthusiastically), I have other programs I love nearly as much – HipHop Abs, P90X, yoga, RUNNING, QiDANCE, step, ChaLEAN Extreme.  I also have the reminders of my upcoming events.  Can’t brag if I don’t do ’em.  Can’t do ’em if I don’t train.  I like to brag.  A LOT.  So that’s a preeeettty big motivator, right there.  I enjoy looking at photos of myself from events and seeing how much fitter I am than I was at my previous event.  Makes me feel kinda good about me. 

And now, I have this Challenge Group.  They make it all fun and stuff.  Their daily photos and their incredible support of each other (though most of them have never met) is highly motivating.  We are only on the fourth day, and I’m already dreading Day 30 when I turn them loose.  Which is why I need to get my fix with another group.  I have become a Challenge junkie.

These are just some of the things that work for me.  When you stop back, you’ll hear them again, but they’ll be sprinkled with other ways I trick myself.  I can only take you so far…you know, you can lead a horse to water (thought I was done with the animals, didn’t ya?)…but you can’t make him put on running shoes and sprint around the track.  Find your WHY.  Polish it up, make it all shiney, give it a spot on the mantle.  Then get to sweatin’.


2 thoughts on “The Word of the Year

  1. This blog totally stood out to me. MY motivation was…drum roll…YOU!! All it took was privately speaking to you through facebook and seeing your progress and hearing how proud of YOURSELF you are!. I wanted this for myself. I can honestly say I was one of those that would say "I will start running tomorrow". Well tomorrow came and went and no running. BUT with you on my side and all the support from the summer challange team I AM reaching my goals. I wake up every morning NOT to an alarm clock BUT to my phone chiming that someone in the group has posted. At that point I know its time to get up and GET MOVING!! So Thank you for all the MOTIVATION and support!— ❤

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