Get Up and Go (Back To Bed!)

Let me just tell you about my morning – and give fair warning that I, Readers, am about to whine my firm tushy off.  Because thus far, the day is not one I care to remember.

Woke up sick – muscle achiness, congestion, headache, itchy/sore eye – for the second day in a row.  Dishes still piled in the sink from last night (oh, dishwasher! Where art thou?).  Werewolf lost his lunchbox.  Babe still teething and also congested.  Dogs still unclear about proper defecation/urination spots.  Rain.  Nearly late for school.  Babe broke fruit bowl (and in the process destroyed my precious mangoes).  Bills are due.

“Hold on,” you say.  “That’s just life.”


I may not muster the attack mode I generally use for workouts, but I will be running and lifting and lunging this naptime.  I took a full on rest day yesterday, snuggling with Babe and watching copius amounts of Sesame Street.  Two days in a row with no workout would not bode well for this FitMama or the rest of the M&M Clan.  Plus I have sincere hopes of sweatin’ the nasties out and ridin’ some endorphins through the rest of the afternoon.

Nor am I taking this series of annoyances as a sign to indulge in crap eating.  Not so long ago, I would have dived face first into something chocolate, forks be damned.  Okay, so last night Hubby surprised me with Colbert’s Americone Dream after the monkeys were safely tucked in and unable to share.  And I did partake.  I partook a lot.  We rarely see it anywhere plus it’s election season.  That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

One dalliance…and today I’m back on it.  Paleo waffles for breakfast, Shakeology and black coffee for snack.  Steak leftovers for lunch and pork roast with apples is already cookin’ away in my trusty crockpot.  (Did I mention the handle on the crockpot lid broke off?  Another point to Wednesday.)  I’m downin’ my water and not even tempted by the remaining Americone Dream.  (My belly’s reaction to last night’s deviance is still too fresh in my mind.  Bleh.)

No lying about either (although I have been eyeing the pillows and I felt some bitterness watching Babe snuggle in for his nap).  I managed to get actual chores done while catching up long-distance with my big sis and I’ve still got that workout on deck.  There’s baking to be done, laundry to fold, and business plans to be made.

I just gotta finish this mug of coffee and some E&E first.  A Queen’s gotta get her energy somehow.

*Want your own supply of Energy&Endurance for days like today?  Visit my site and click away, my friends!  It’s workout magic, I tell ya.



One thought on “Get Up and Go (Back To Bed!)

  1. I so hear you! Woke up at 7:30–a HUGE oops considering that’s when we leave the house for me to be to work on time! Kiddos (whom I rudely woke with flashing lights and cries of distress) rallied hard and got me out the door by 7:38! Wednesday is taking us all down! Feel better ASAP!

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