I feel like I’ve discovered a whole new superpower.

I can lift heavy.

Tis true!  At least, I’m lifting heavier than I did before – and I’m loving it.  Even as I sit here, sweaty and panting post-CrossFit Mamas, my upper arms are quivering.  I picture them as happy pups, hence the quivering results from severe tail wagging.  Because I am so elated with my workouts these days.

Granted, I’m pretty much always elated with my workouts.  But I was away from my weights for so long that they feel all new and shiney.  And they actually are new and shiney.  I have begun using my Selecteks on a near daily basis and those babies are F-I-N-E fine.  Seriously.  If you lift at home and plan on continuing to lift at home – make the investment.  I can’t wait to start the challenge group with these beauties.

And before we get to the “but you’ll bulk up” phase of the convo, let’s recall that I am, in point of fact, a female and therefore will not bulk up.  This body doesn’t produce those sorts of muscles.  I can lift as heavy as I want and I’ll just get prettier (and more capable of kicking your ass when you insinuate I possess any sort of masculinity).

So anyway – rest day from running, quick 10 rounds for CrossFit Mamas, and now off to shower before the big Homecoming game.  Go, Slaters!

Happy Friday, SweatItOuters!


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