Excuse Me…

Yes…I’ve been absent.  I have neglected to regale my readers with details of my sweaty journey.  You want excuses?  ‘Cause I’ve got ’em.

Excuse #1: The Big Block.  As in Writer’s Block.  Just didn’t have the juice.  Brain fog due to flares of my various autoimmune diseases made the thoughts foggier than an English moor.  Not that I’ve ever been to an English moor, but I did read Wuthering Heights and watch An American Werewolf in London.

Excuse #2:  Sore fingers.  Fo’ rizzle!  This RA business takes a little getting used to.  I certainly never expected to be sidelined from typing.  But now I’ve got my Tiger Balm and my Relieve It oil to loosen my old lady joints enough for some tapping.

Excuse #3:  I was slacking.  Severely in the nutrition department and minorly in the fitness department.  Although, to be fair, I am somewhat limited in the fitness department for the time being as I have a stress fracture on my right knee.  (Note: when a guest coach inspires you to push through your fear and try new derby moves, try them in gradual steps vs. going all out right away.)

See? Valid reasons.  Kind of.  But I’m ready to dump them in my metaphoric dumpster.  Today I – along with several other members of the GrokItOut Challenge Group – are recommitting to clean eating.  Aside from shrinking an expanding waistline, I need this focus and support to counteract the inflammation throughout my body.  Food is the number one resource to reclaiming my health and strength (no matter how loudly that chocolate chip cookie is screaming my name).

Today I am also beginning a hybrid schedule of PiYo and Body Beast.  Over the last few weeks, I attempted a double schedule, the result of which left me overwhelmed and overly tired and prone to skipping entire days.  A step back is required to forge some steps forward.

My Hybrid


In addition to this refocusing on my nutrition and exercise, I have some great ideas for this ol’ blog o’ mine.  What can you expect?  Weekly posts about the following: workouts, essential oils, recipes (with photos!), business spotlights/reviews (including local farms, fitness gear, other blogs, etc), and one random post per week.  That’s right: five days a week.  That’s my plan.  I am giving you my word.  I am also giving you my word that I will tag these posts better so you can refer to them at your leisure (although pinning is always an option!).

So prepare for the revamp, faithful readers!  Let’s move forward together!


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